Interacting with a Smart Contract


Ensure Olatte is installed correctly:
olatte --version
If this command fails, see Setting up your environment.


Olatte enables interaction with smart contracts via two primary methods:
  • call: for read-only functions.
  • invoke: for write functions that modify the state.

Call a function

The call command can query a smart contract function without sending a transaction.
As an example you can use the get_proposer function which expect index of the proposal and returns the address of the proposer:
olatte call --network=pre-alpha vote_simple_abi.json \
  • vote_simple_abi.json is the smart contract's abi file.
  • 0x444b.. is the contract address
  • winningProposal is function name. For functions with parameters, enter the function's inputs after the function name.
This will return the winner proposal:

Invoke a function

when we need to modify the state of the smart contract, we need to send a transaction. This requires the use of the invoke command in Olatte, which sends a transaction to the Ola network.
In this example, we are sending a transaction to vote for proposal 7.
olatte invoke --network pre-alpha vote_simple_abi.json \
0x444b2e790621ac6b74923f7ad92.... \
vote 7