Advanced Features

Discover the advanced features that set Ola apart from other blockchain solutions, including its privacy-centric architecture, zero-knowledge virtual machine (zkVM), and more.

  • Algebraic RISC

    The property of the instruction set of OlaVM is Algebraic RISC: "Algebraic" refers to the supported operations as field operation, "RISC" refers to the minimality of the instruction set.

  • Small finite field

    The word defined in OlaVM is a finite field, Goldilocks. The prime of Goldilocks is p = 2^64 - 2^32 + 1, which is less than 64 bits. The computation based on these field elements could be expected to be much faster than other large finite fields.

  • Builtins

    Since the cyclic group size is limited, it would be better if the trace table could contain as many transactions as possible. This means that if there are some computations that cost large trace lines in transaction logic, we should remove them from the main trace table and add a special sub-trace table to store them. This is the reason why we introduce builtins, like hash, bitwise operation and so on.

  • Prophets

    It is designed for non-deterministic computation, which means "implementation is expensive, verification is cheap". So, to some extent, prophets are more like external helpers. It helps you compute the results of some non-deterministic computation, and then you verify the results using the instruction sets, should note that this verification is done by the VM, not by constraints which are different with builtins.

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