Ola Community Overview

Ola is an open-source Hybrid ZK Rollup that delivers programmable scalability and privacy to blockchains, empowering individuals through data ownership. Incubated by cryptographers and engineers of Sin7y Labs in 2022, Ola offers a layer2 ZK Stack, featuring Ola-lang, OlaVM, OlaUI, OlaOS, and a series of developer-friendly tools, facilitating the development of any type of contract.

Ola is actively advancing on the path toward privacy and data ownership protection, and the Ola community forms a crucial aspect of this journey. The Ola Community Hub provides you with resources and tools to voice your opinions and influence Ola's evolution.

In 2023, Ola launched the OVP Point System and the Ambassador Program, now with 20+ global ambassadors. With a series of community-driven programs, we hope to encourage all community members to participate in decision-making processes and guide the project toward the optimal direction, aligning with the community's best interests. The formulation and implementation of these programs unfold across various stages during this transformative journey.

Come and join us in this thrilling expedition toward a fair, decentralized, and permissionless world for the public good!

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