Builder Program

As the testnet progresses enthusiastically, we will collaborate with top global developer communities and conduct online workshops. Our core team members will lead developers to explore Ola, deploying a variety of interesting dApps on our testnet using Ola-lang.
Developers who deploy any type of contract on Ola will be entitled to the Discord Role "Ola Builder," receive an "Ola Builder NFT," and share a portion of the future Ola tokens among other perks.


If you need further help with dApp development or deployment, don't hesitate to pin us in the Ola community or email us at [email protected].

How to apply for the Community Builders Program?

You are expected to provide a comprehensive project overview, details about your or your team's background, and an application proposal.

What incentives are included in the Community Builders Program?

Qualified projects will be rewarded with special Discord roles, NFTs, OVPs, and future Ola tokens among others.

How will the rewards and incentives be distributed?

NFTs and OVPs will be distributed following the conclusion of the Ola testnet events. Ola tokens will be distributed after the TGE.

What types of projects get incentives?

Projects must contain open-source elements that are built on the Ola network. We do not provide tokens for non-developer-related contributions.


Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and assessed on team quality, project uniqueness, and potential impact on the Ola ecosystem. This selection process will be conducted via a vote by Ola core team members and the Ola community.The following aspects will be taken into consideration for evaluating applications:
  • User Experience - How seamless is it for contributors to use? Projects that are intended for an end-user (not Infrastructure & Tooling) are required to have a UI.
  • Architecture - How robust is the technical architecture? How well is it defined?
  • Functionality - How many different things can you do as an end user?
  • Impact - Does the tooling or infrastructure provide valuable insights for contributors?
  • Novelty - How unique is tooling or infrastructure? Is it differentiated?